Med Sangs and My Partition from the Vampire Community and VVC by Alexia

I identify as a ‘medical sanguinarian’ – meaning I have a perceived physical need to consume blood (often in decent quantity), and I suffer very real consequences, health problems, if I do not; I believe the cause to be organic, biological in nature. I also am a skeptic, atheist and have never had any interest in the fang or cape culture, the masquerade, or the label ‘vampire’.

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A Treatise for the Most of Us: An Argument for Honest Introspection and Mutual Understanding

'I wish you were more self-reflective.'
‘I wish you were more self-reflective.’

by CJ!

“A Sanguinarian Treatise: An Argument For Partition From The Vampire Community” was written over six years ago and after review from some of my colleagues was published five years ago. Around this time, several high-profile articles (and other attempts) attacking the credibility of sanguinarians were putting sanguinarians on the defensive.
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The Red Cellar – An Introduction

I would like to introduce and welcome everyone to The Red Cellar. The Red Cellar is a sister site to The Red Cellar’s focus will be practical advice for sanguinarians. The topics can range from the technical aspects of blood collection, social dynamics with donors, and strategy for engagement with members of the medical community among other things. This site will allow for more creative freedom in writing, whereas our sister site has sharpened its focus on the latest in medical speculation. You can still find the latest in medical speculation and personal reports with the scientific community at


A place for those who enjoy a nice, dark place for a vintage red.

A Sanguinarian Treatise: An Argument For Partition From The Vampire Community

By CJ!

As the long-awaited (by all nine of you) sequel to “A Sanguinarian Treatise” is now in review stage, I felt it was appropriate to repost and reintroduce the original for those to reconsider after a few years of life experience as well for those who have yet to read it. “A Sanguinarian Treatise” was written in late 2009 and made public in 2011. I hope to see respectful debate and lively engagement with the piece. 


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