The Red Cellar

Welcome to The Red Cellar, a sanctuary where scientifically-inclined sanguivores (sometimes referred to by others as ‘real vampires’, or ‘med sangs’), along with our friends and allies can offer their perspectives on advocating for oneself, support, practical resources, health, and life optimization.

Please visit Articles for our latest collaborative articles, or Library for guest posts hosted with author permission. All opinions expressed therein are of the author.

The lamprey logo is available as a necklace pendant here. Please note that The Red Cellar does not profit from any of these sales in any way. Any profits go directly to the artist.

Obligatory disclaimer: We at TRC take safety seriously. We are not medical professionals. We do not encourage the act of cutting and/or blood drinking. In no way is the content herein an attempt at downplaying the serious nature of such an undertaking. Please be aware that blood-letting is intrinsically dangerous and carries with it some severe risks that can negatively affect all parties involved. Hazards and related complications include, but are not limited to, the transmission of blood-borne pathogens, permanent bodily / mental harm, social discomfort / stigma, legal damages / repercussions, and in extreme cases, potential mortality. By utilizing any of this information, you agree to and assume 100% of the risks and liabilities involved.

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