Please be advised that the views and opinions presented within these journal entries are the sole responsibility of their individual authors and may not reflect the stances of The Red Cellar as a collective.

Welcome to The Red Cellar’s Journal!

I would like to take a moment to introduce everyone to TRC’s new page, our Journal. This aims to serve a different purpose than our articles. At this stage, we have come to expect a certain standard with our articles, and like to edit, review, and cite them. This can take a while, and it’s not always easy to just write about something on your mind.

Our Journal is somewhere any of our writers can blog, discuss whatever came to mind that day, or reflect on anything and everything relating to med sangs. A space for our thoughts, without the burden of formal review required of our articles. This is one of several additions coming to TRC in the coming months.

Stay tuned!


The Red Cellar – An Introduction

I would like to introduce and welcome everyone to The Red Cellar. The Red Cellar is a sister site to Sanguinarians.com. The Red Cellar’s focus will be practical advice for sanguinarians. The topics can range from the technical aspects of blood collection, social dynamics with donors, and strategy for engagement with members of the medical community among other things. This site will allow for more creative freedom in writing, whereas our sister site has sharpened its focus on the latest in medical speculation. You can still find the latest in medical speculation and personal reports with the scientific community at http://www.sanguinarians.com.


A place for those who enjoy a nice, dark place for a vintage red.