Establishment of the Court of the Bloodshadow, and me, the Vampire Queen/God-Emperor of Washington

I hereby declare that I renounce med sangs, and that as of today, I am forming the Court of Bloodshadow. I will head the Court as Alexia Bloodshadow, Vampire Queen of Washington and God-Emperor. I expect dues to be paid by all vampires of Washington by both worship and blood donations. If you don’t, I will declare you sin nomine. Appropriate dress for Washington vampires is to remain, at all times, fangs that are at least 1cm in length, and contacts in either light blue, yellow, or white. Ankhs worn around the neck, silver only, at least 1 inch in length are also required. This is to express our true inner vampire. Black clothing and lots of eyeliner is preferred.

Happy April Fool’s Day and Easter from The Red Cellar!