Welcome to The Red Cellar’s Journal!

I would like to take a moment to introduce everyone to TRC’s new page, our Journal. This aims to serve a different purpose than our articles. At this stage, we have come to expect a certain standard with our articles, and like to edit, review, and cite them. This can take a while, and it’s not always easy to just write about something on your mind.

Our Journal is somewhere any of our writers can blog, discuss whatever came to mind that day, or reflect on anything and everything relating to med sangs. A space for our thoughts, without the burden of formal review required of our articles. This is one of several additions coming to TRC in the coming months.

Stay tuned!


Getting to the Heart of the Matter…

I have no interest in creating additional strife for either side. However, I do hope that this post provides additional insight to the apparent and consistent misunderstandings of some who would oppose our (“Med Sang”) views or goals. Whether that opposition is an expression of cognitive dissonance or simply out of misinterpretation. If by the end of this, there is still disagreement at least I can say I’ve tried.
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The Sanguinarian Misinformation File #1: Pere Crapaud (This Translates into “Father Toad” but He Probably Wouldn’t Know This Since He Had the Hubris to Move to France Without Bothering to Learn French)

By CJ!

Welcome to the first of what I hope does not become a series. The Sanguinarian Misinformation File is an effort to correct any misinformation given about sanguinarians (and med sangs) published in mainstream media. This review features an article written by a man, should he move on from vampire imagery to dodgy Native American imagery, would name himself “White Wolf.”


Father Sebastiaan is the one whose face is NOT caked with bird feces. 

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