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Alexia (Lexi, ‘A’) approaches her condition from a scientific, skeptical frame of reference and wants to learn more about her condition as well as herself. Very passionate about advocating for and supporting med sangs. She supports critical thinking and objectivity; she enjoys writing about her condition from a sociological perspective and educating others. Affectionately dubbed the “Sang Drag Queen of Mean” by her friend and colleague, CJ!. Prone to being lewd around her friends – yet always maintains the highest professionalism where needed. She has a voracious appetite. Loves eating Ossivorous’ yummy food.



Greetings… Most of you will know me online or otherwise as Kinesia, first breath in ’86. I’ve been active in the online/offline otherkin and vampire communities for the last 12 or 13 years. Recently, I have felt very lucky to be able to connect with a group of sanguivores who have the same ambition in trying to figure out how our conditions work, and how we could possibly manage it better. My interests include the relationship between epigenetic and the genes we’re born with, ancestral history and mythologic study, plant and animal husbandry, and traditional crafts.


CJ! loves to travel and eat and is always on the hunt for delicious doughnuts and clean donors. She always finds what food a place is known for and the best place to eat it. Similarly, she is proud that her donors have come from all different ethnicities. Building goodwill through baked goods and bad puns she has made lots of friends through meatspace and cyberspace. Her name strikes fear in the heart of those who have strong aversions to logic. Despite the attempts to hide, she will always know of and strike at any misinformation campaign. PULL THE STRING!



French, Sang, has mostly avoided the community in the past but feels he should come out of his hole now to try to encourage critical thinking and medically oriented inquiry. Does not wear berets. Will eat the yummy snails.

skullblackwhiteOssivorous Oose

Chef. Makes a delicious bowl of Pho. Knows a lot about fleas. Skeptic, atheist, views their condition in the same way. Has shared fine glasses of red with Lexi, whom is the step cat-mom to their son, a ginger cat Lamprey familiar, after Lexi was claimed by the medium of licking her forehead and sitting on her chest (and the cat did that, also). Would love to wander the streets of India trying many different types of authentic food. Wanderlusty. Wants to see the world and experience it.


Many, many issues within the community are quite likely conventional health issues that may be mitigated or avoided with proper nutrition and health. Sphynx firmly believes that the only individual best able to maintain one’s health on a day-to-day basis is themselves, but this can only be achieved by reading and understanding as much actual medical information as is necessary for their specific health situation. The internet now has many, many mainstream medical resources available, and it would be a disservice to everyone to just not take advantage of them.

snowleopard__ka_xiv_by_gw_photography-d6xtg0x (3)Syrf Chase (In Loving Memory)I have been engaged with the blood drinking community since 2010 and look forward to supporting the movement to seek a medical cause for the condition we find ourselves in. I butcher my own food whenever possible, contact juggle and am fascinated by objects that glow. I try to practice the three ancient arts of discourse yet have a deep appreciation for a well placed touch of whimsy. I tend to board trains of thought like a Keroacian hobo and I’m not good with deadlines.