Med Sangs and My Partition from the Vampire Community and VVC by Alexia

I identify as a ‘medical sanguinarian’ – meaning I have a perceived physical need to consume blood (often in decent quantity), and I suffer very real consequences, health problems, if I do not; I believe the cause to be organic, biological in nature. I also am a skeptic, atheist and have never had any interest in the fang or cape culture, the masquerade, or the label ‘vampire’.

It is no secret that earlier this year, I withdrew from the Greater Vampire Community. This was for many reasons. During my interaction with the Vampire Community, I was often met with hostility for believing in an organic cause, wanting to pursue scientific answers regarding such, and even not identifying as a vampire along with a number of other things. This was not always the case certainly, but after many months, this stress became too much on me. So I left. ‘Med sang’ involvement, particularly on Facebook, declined in the Vampire Community. Yet outside the Vampire Community’s purview, my involvement in my projects continued and I still networked with other med sangs. This loose network of people developed; we found others like us. Some refer to this as the ‘Med Sang Community’, though I wouldn’t so much call it a whole separate community as much as a bunch of friends, networks of like-minded people who socialize, talk, and some who collaborate on projects together.

Some of us maintain a presence in some ‘VC’ circles or ‘vampire’ groups (albeit most openly skeptical ones, and big arenas, such as VCN). Ultimately, we drink human blood or we get sick. What are most people going to call us? You got it – vampires. Most will know I lost a good friend, Syrf, earlier this year. More people are out there like her, it’s imperative a presence is maintained enough so that others like her might find us. And they do. We need to provide support and camaraderie to those who are vulnerable and desperately need that help with a critical, scientific, deconstructed approach. Those people are who I think of in every interaction and project I undertake.

As mentioned earlier, I do not identify as a vampire nor care for the term. I do not share the same spiritual beliefs in energy or the what-have-yous of the vast majority of the Vampire Community, nor do I enjoy the subculture. I cannot relate to it. To me, the need and path of med sangs diverges massively from the need of those who get benefit from the VC. There is some tentative peace, we are certainly now able to stay cordial in recent experience. A lot of people have come to tolerate our different views, and it’s been less hostile as we have not tried to fight for our own space any longer, just to counter misinformation. The only thing med sangs and the VC have in common is the term ‘vampire’, which is an umbrella term.


Because of this amicable separation and the reasons outlined above, as I do not consider myself part of the Vampire Community, nor do I consider it relevant to my goals, projects, nor the demographic of people I want to work with (and it could be considered counter-productive to my goals, actually, in many cases), I have another small announcement to make, which isn’t intended to start drama or even be a big deal, but I wanted to elaborate on the greater point as to why I came to this decision:

Effective immediately, I have resigned from the VVC. 

I do not feel the VVC represents me nor am I part of the community it represents. This is an extension of why I left the VC. I do not identify as a vampire, I am not an advocate for ‘vampires’, nor do I care for the vampire subculture the VVC tries to preserve and serve. It is not the right place for me to be. I certainly do appreciate the opportunity and the fact I was added by my peers, deeming me to be a worthwhile addition who might contribute; it is simply not the right thing for me, and I no longer feel comfortable being a member due to these irreconcilable differences. You can’t be a Voice of the Vampire Community if you are not a member of the Vampire Community.

My place is, and always will be, with med sangs. I wish to provide the raw, real physical and emotional support they need. I will advocate tirelessly on their behalf and do as much as I can for these people, as they are all dear to my heart. I believe the ‘med sang’ movement is moving in an entirely different direction, as removed as possible from vampires, networking and engaging with professionals, skeptics, scientists and with research, treatment, camaraderie, support and answers. That is my hope. As such, I must stay true to my convictions and offer it the full attention and undivided support it deserves.


One thought on “Med Sangs and My Partition from the Vampire Community and VVC by Alexia

  1. Hi I don’t want to be a bother but I have been have trouble medically and when I accidentally ingested human blood I felt renewed and better. I cannot explain or understand what is happening with me and I need help. Please if you can?


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